Four important conversations you need to have about the smartphones in your teen's life.
  •  Are you sick of having these pocket rectangles ruin your family dinners?
  •  Do you feel behind and out of control when it comes to all of the changes in technology?
  •  Watch and feel equipped for the 4 Important Conversations you need to have around smartphones
  •  This is a multi-day experience 
Join Axis for this free video series to Reclaiming the Smartphone in your life and the life of your teens. 
These free videos will help you answer the 5 vital questions all parents are asking about their teens' smartphones: 
 When should I get my kid a phone? If at all?
 What do I do if they already have one and it's out of control? 
 How do I build trust with my teen and keep a heart connection with them?
 Is there a way for me to not always be seen as defensive or "the bad guy" when it comes to phones?
 How can I think Biblically about our families' phones? 
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